Held on 7th September at 8pm in Red Lion, Llangynidr

Present: Sally Griffiths, Anna Bell, Caroline Wilbud, Kate Inglis, Ruth Epstein, Hester Woodcock, Chris
Jones, Jonah Webb, Ruth Hanson.

Apologies: Nia Chamberlain, Jo Williams, Richard Westlake-Toms, Sarah & Richard Roberts, Nicky Morris.

Matters Arising:
There were no matters arising from the last meeting.

Agricultural show - 28th August bank holiday
Many thanks go to Chris Jones for doing a fantastic job of organising the children's races at the Llangynidr
show. It was felt that it was well worth supporting this local show and it keeps us in a good position with the
Agricultural Committee. Letter of thanks needs to go to Dale Williams of Lower Wenallt Farm, Talybont to
thank them for the eggs they donated for the egg & spoon race.

There was brief run through of the accounts supplied by Richard Westlake-Toms. In Richards absence the
AGM was held over to the next meeting.

Walks leaflets
Sally reported that between 30 & 40% of leaflets are being taken and not paid for. We agreed to add a
sticker onto the front of the display stands to make it clearer that they are for sale and that the money goes
to a charity for the school. Kate to supply stickers as soon as possible. Nia has asked Sally to pass her the
leaflets that are to go in to the Tourist Info Centre in Crickhowell, Sally to contact Nia directly.

Christmas Fair
• Planned date Friday 2nd December.
• Craft stalls to go in Year 1 + 2 area. Variety of people to be approached to have a stall.
• Venison Centre - Chris Jones to contact re: their craft items.
• Cake stall - Caroline to contact Debbie.
• CwCw in Crickhowell - Sally to contact Caroline.
• Bookish to be approached also.
• Mrs Thompson & Mr Gibbs to be approached as usual.
• Hester to organise games, prices to be kept the same as last year.
• Need to organise a Father Christmas, John Games or Glyn Thomas suggested. They get outfit
supplied, free mince pies, mulled wine, tea & coffee.
• Hot dogs & burgers sorted, need mulled wine donated if possible.
• Caroline to speak to Bonbon buddies about buying Santa presents at cost price.
• Carol singing suggested for end of evening, school choir could be involved.
This was felt to be a good idea.
• Christmas flyer and advertising will need to reflect changes, event to beaimed at adults as well as

Beer & band night
• Chris to source beef for night, plan to do beef baps and salad. Approach Venison centre for meat and
St Marys bakery for rolls. Cater for 150 portions.
• Richard can no longer help as unavailable and sends apologies. Abby Hanson & Tony Foden to help
Chris with food.
• Kate & Rachael to organise veggie food. Jacket potatoes and veggie chilli. Cook potatoes at home and
heat through in Henderson kitchen. Also source grated cheese. Anna to get chilli prepared in pub to
be confirmed. Cater for 125 portions. Kate, Ruth Epstein & Jonah Webb offered to cook potatoes.
• Anna has organised Wye Valley Brewery to donate a free barrel of beer. Also has a keg of Fosters &
cider at £80.00 each reduced price. Glasses organised for free also.
• Bar & glass collecting: One possible person organised to work all night behind bar - to be confirmed.
Rota organised for other helpers: Sarah & Richard Roberts, Ruth & Stephen, Sally & Gary, Debbie
Cooper & Anna. Others available from kitchen when food is finished. Dawn Taber has also offered to
help if we need her.
• Caroline to be on door doing tickets, Debbie Cooper to assist also and organise conker league.
• Tickets to be sold on Friday 16th after school, Sally, Kate, Caroline & Ruth available to help.
• On 24th - can get access to hall from 4pm for setting up and decorating.
• Anna still trying to source acoustic support for early evening, if not possible then Jonah will use iPod
to run music in background.
• Other fundraising ideas for night to include: Hamper raffle, Heads & tails game, Conker competition
& roll a ball/coin.
• We need extra items donated still for the hamper if anyone has any ideas or spare gifts.
• Teachers to be approached about attending.

• This collection is booked for Friday 18th November.
• Bags to be delivered into school week commencing 17th October.
• Kate to organise letter to be sent out next week in school to warn people so that they can start
• Mr Brasington has been informed of planned arrangements.
• Kate & Caroline to be available to help on morning of 18th Nov.
• Will order extra bags which can be handed out around village.
• All bags have to be returned to school by 9am on 18th Nov to front of school, under covered area.

Scrap metal collection - Help wanted!
Chris has suggested we try and organise a scrap metal collection around the villages of Llangynidr, Talybont
& Bwlch. We would require someone to volunteer a tractor and trailer for use on a weekend and several
strong volunteers to help collect. We would like to organise before half-term if possible. Scrap metal has a
very high value at present and this could be lucrative scheme for the school. If you think you can help then
please get in touch with one of the Friends committee.

Class representatives
To be contacted about continuing in their roles but moving up a year along with their children. Need new
reps for Reception/Nursery.
School representative at Friends meetings
It is hoped that Mr Brasington or a member of the staff team will be able to attend future meetings, it has
been found to be very helpful in the past to have a representative of the school present. This would foster
better communication between Friends and the school. At present we rely on the minutes being read and
different people reporting things to school as and when they remember - not the most efficient way of
working! Perhaps the staff could take it in turns to attend?

The next meeting including the AGM will be in October on:
Wednesday 12th October at 8pm at The Red Lion, Llangynidr.